Gotta’ start somewhere, so…

Dear reader –

This blog is an alarm system.

If you your sources are the local newspaper and local television news plus cable news outlets and a national publication, you are being ill-served.

When did that grouping not parrot every story?  They do hire pundits to spin, according to the prevailing political affiliations, but where do you get your news unfiltered?

My purpose here is not to offer an opinion, because to paraphrase, opinions are like buttocks, everybody has one.” I want to put information out for you to consider.  Things you would not hear or read until it is too late to react.

I do have a bias that I have come by honestly.  I will always come down on the side of “just folks” versus the corporation.

I realize that many of the problems that I concern myself with require an intellect far superior to mine to solve, but solved they must be.

There is little government in this country, despite what many loud moneyed sources would have you believe.  The “government” is by for-profit contractors who operate an ever-increasing number of the services and agencies that the average American assumes to be governmental responsibilities.

There is local government but anyone who has had to deal with that political unit soon realizes that they rule by fiat and do not tolerate voices questioning their authority.

America is a good place if you have a decent income, regardless of color, ethnicity or gender. Lose that income and there are uncharted waters the average American is ill-prepared to navigate.

Run afoul of a governmental or judicial system and punishment comes in the form of financial penalties so onerous as to be beyond reason.  It comes as a supplemental tax, primarily on the poor. It grants private companies the right to set tax rates and penalties to collect with the full assistance and weight of the US government.  For its share the government gets the vig, the balance, going to the contractor, is whatever humanity can bear.

On a different front; we are all being collected and categorized at an alarming rate.  Two questions: By whom? Why?  There is a shadow government in this country that has existed since the beginning of WWII. It so alarmed congress in the late ‘60’s that they created a very modest check and balance system that prevented the most egregious targeting of groups and individuals. This sop is the FISA Court.  I say “sop” because it is a Star Chamber, the public has no access to what it does.  Those dark forces never gave up the need to collect every American into their files and databases.  The events of 11 September, 2001 unleashed the hounds.

The original agencies begat hyper-agencies and agencies that exist on no org chart.  There are more Chinese Walls than existed before 9/11, which I would remind you was why that group of terrorists were allowed to operate unfettered to carry out their nefarious schemes.  None of the several alarm bells were ever heard because of the intense compartmentalization that exists in all our security agencies.

Be advised.  I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I will only discuss subjects of which  I have direct knowledge.  If you choose to believe in the tooth fairy, fine.  Have at it, this blog isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you want a lot of the dots connected in ways you may have never considered, or you are open to new ideas, I hope you will continue to read me.